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Hi my name is Lisa and I'm a 46 year old photographer from Sheffield South Yorkshire.  I have been working professionally since 1996.

At a young age I was always keen on photography but it wasnt until my daughter was born in the 90's that I actually bought my first SLR camera.

I studied Professional Photography in Sheffield for 4 years were I passed with distinctions.

I was trained the old fashioned way with film & darkroom development.  I feel that the training helped me greatly to become the photographer I am today.

I used to take 8 rolls of film per wedding thats just 288 shots a lot of digitally trained photographers couldnt do today.

I got one shot at it and didnt see the results until the following week! That helped me develop my reportage style that I love shooting today.

I now use digital but still keep my hand in with film on occasion.


I love my daughter, my gorgeous man , my cat and Basil ( he is my second favourite male in the world and he's a horse ) My favourite things are strong cheese, red wine and beef and mustard crisps.

I cry at sad films and happy films and I love a good old belly laugh.

I enjoy my work even the endless hours in post production and meeting the lovely people along the way.


See above some of my favourite pictures from my family album, my daughter on the beach at skeggy, she's all grown up now.

Daisy my cat that wasnt too bothered about getting exterminated!!

Me and Basil he's a silly billy and jumps at his own shadow I call him scooby doo!

My mum and my gran sadly gran as passed now and didnt quite reach her 100th birthday but wasnt far off at 98, I still smile when I think of her, I once took her out in my old MX5 with the roof down and she was waving to everyone like the queen mother she put a lot of smiles on faces that day!

Me and Amy .. this is a selfie taken early 2000 with on camera timer, I cant believe she's taller than me now at nearly 6ft.


I hope you enjoyed my family snaps and the website.

I look forward to helping build your family album too.

Qualified member since 2008

Qualified member since 2008

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I take great pride in my ability to create Creative photography. To see for yourself, have a look at my complete portfolio.

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